Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —
So here I sit, sipping my cuppa tea, which is probably the best tea I've ever tasted! Used full fat milk! And its way to late as per usual, but not because the babies are awake, but because I am having me time!!

— 2 —
Our impromptu holiday with Rob and Kristina, was FANTASTIC! So we got there late as Mike worked late but we were welcomed by 6 boys and a awesome Mexican meal made by Rob and Kristina. And can I say I love their 7 BEDROOM house! So spacious! and only 10mins from the beach! LOVE LOVE LOVE! The kids had the best time and Silas even tried to hid his shoes so we couldn't leave! Thanks again!

— 3 —
Nearly under 70kgs, hoping with a bit of sleep I'll be able to maintain my exercise and good eating and get into the 60's :)

— 4 —
I've been introduced to Flaxseed Oil via my fitness barbie friend Sharna :) so many health benefits and I can't wait to get some to try!

— 5 —
Its raining and its the weekend, 6 kids and a renovating DH, YAY lol!

— 6 —
Sipping my cup of tea, wearing my dressing gown that I got for mothers day, in preparation for some mumma time reading blogs :) (This might have to be my standard #6) and here I am yet again :)

— 7 —
Ate wayyyyy too many Pumpkin Scones, I even went and got some thick cream to have with them! I'm going to hate the scales this week!!

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