Monday, July 18, 2011

Humble Homeschooling Beginnings

This is the beginning of my homeschooling stash :)
I remember using these as a small child learning how to count

I was lucky to have the chance to hang out with the lovely Melissa who was nice enough to show me some homeschooling stuff that she does with her girls :)

After having a gorgeous lunch (which I'm thinking will quickly become a new favourite of mine) we headed out to Brodies where I was unleashed to my own devices while Melissa watched the kiddies :)

The amount of curriculum that is available is amazing!! Especially since I'll be covering prep, year 3, year 7 and year 8!! I could have easily pick something from every section of the store!!

But atm I'm still in the research stage of selecting my curriculum and have a good 6mths to gain valuable advise from those in the know, and of course to check out online reviews :)

Thanks Melissa for a wonderful day, and I know the little ones enjoyed getting out of the house for the morning :)


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