Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Birthday dinner :)

Yes its official, I'm 30!

As is tradition in our family, the birthday boy or girl gets to decide where to have their birthday dinner and this year I chose to have dinner at the all you can each sushi restaurant in West End.

They serve over 25 kinds of sushi, hot foods, seafood, miso soup and lots of other goodies.

Kaydence is eating the potato salad, which has lots of chilli in it but she eats it like a pro!

Silas's favourite is the seaweed sushi, which also has chilli in it! The youngest kids really love their spicy foods!

Braith was great for most of the evening then was happy to sit on Daddy's lap while we finished up.

This potato salad is the best!! I thought it was some sort of radish that had been grated but found out tonite it was potato! Its mixed through with coriander, sesame oil and chilli. Simple but yet delish!

We thought we might take a nice photo of the kids and me.............well after sorting the 15 or so photos we took, this one is the best lol!!

What a fantastic night we had for my birthday dinner :)


  1. Happy Birthday Sue! Thought it was about time I stopped by and started following along with you. Looking forward to meeting up some time soon. My DD turns 7 next week and we are keen to meet more girls :-)