Saturday, July 23, 2011

Small Success Thursday

Small Success Quote:

Baby Steps, Baby Steps....


Discovering, after having 6 babies, that sleep is so very very important, overrated perhaps but very important! lol!
My never ending washing! Bring on summer and less layers!
More Mundane:
chores, chores, chores
Hanging out with Braith at 5am while everyone else is still asleep.
Silas letting me know that I'm the most beautiful Mumma in the world! Awe!
Always a Treat:
Hot Milo and Rice Bubbles :) (not mixed together!)
Good News Even if it's Not Great News:
We have renewed motivation to continue with the renovations! So many different things to do, but as we are doing the work ourselves and paying for it as we go along, its always matter of time and extra money, which is always rare these days!

SST is found over at Chocolate for your Brain and Aussie Coffee Shop and a newie I've found via SST These Things


  1. Glad to have you whenever you can find time to post! Those 5 am snuggles are the best!

  2. Sleep is pretty high on my priorities too.