Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —
Could it be possible? I've beaten the flu! Yippee! Now just have to wait for the rest of the kids to shake it! Why do we seem to get some sort of sickness when its the holidays? The Easter school holidays were a write off as Braith was in hospital for the week with RSV! Fingers crossed that the September holidays are much more fun!

— 2 —
I still can't believe I'm 30 this year! WOW where did the years go? But I have to say I have a good feeling about the next decade :)

— 3 —
Looking forward to getting back into my fitness now that I'm feeling better! I'm back to my pre-Braith weight, now I just have to run off those last 10kgs

— 4 —
Lots of home schooling activity this week and both the kids and I are excited :)

— 5 —
Hoping to have a day of organising the hand me down clothing! Its all mixed atm in different sizes. Still in the works! I have a amazing amount of clothes to sort!

— 6 —
Sipping my cup of tea, wearing my dressing gown that I got for mothers day, in preparation for some mumma time reading blogs :) (This might have to be my standard #6)

— 7 —
And can you believe I saw a DEER over my back fence this week!!!?? As we back onto bushland I expect to see a variety of different 'native animals', like Goanna's, Kangaroo's and Cockatoo's but never a DEER!! And yes I've not had much sleep but the kids can testify for me that it was really there! lol!!


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