Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Mumma - Means Happy Family :)

"One thing that seems to pull me out of my funk is to spend some focus time on me. When I am taking a little care of myself it all seems to pull together again. I seem to be able to focus on my well being for a little while before the daily grind of 'getting things done' seems to take over. This way I figure that I will be able to look back on my week and think to myself - better take care of numero uno to keep up the family harmony :"

Its MUMMA MONDAY time already, and as per usual the week has flown on by!

But I did manage to achieve some Mumma stuff :)

I had a afternoon sleep on Sunday (nope didn't double up and get the usual morning sleep in)
* Probably TMI but I shaved my legs! (those who know me know that I love winter as I hate shaving my legs, even though I feel 'sexier' for doing it lol!) and waxed my eyebrows :)
*I wore my favourite dress, cause it fits again
* I ate healthier more often then not

I'm a simple girl who is easily pleased by simple things :)

Hope everyone managed some Mumma Time to renew themselves, no matter how simple it may have been.



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