Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not enough sauce??

Well well..............

I think this picture sums up the afternoon I had! 4pm appointment at the doctors with 6 kids in tow, dropping Callum and his mate Troy off at football training, dragging the girls and Silas away from the park at the football grounds with Aliya chucking a tantrum (even though I had warned her not to repeat last weeks performance!)

Followed by a evening of Aliya having more meltdowns when sent to her room for said tantrum, baby crying while making dinner, Livia chucking a tantrum cause Silas was play rough with her, Silas and Aliya fighting in the bath with lots of tears, then finally Silas deciding that he needed to have sauce on his dinner, a whole bottle of sauce!!!

ARGH!! It's times like this that I wish that Mike didn't work nite shift! Having a extra pair of hands in the evening would be wonderful!

But tomorrow is another day, and if I remember to breathe deep, hopefully it will be awesum :) It surely can't get any worse then today?? lol??

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wonderful Weekend :)

I really should make a effort to be busy with fun things on the weekends instead of trying to catch up with the never ending chores!

But is such a mission to try to get things done with the little ones needing attention, Kadee is not content unless she is being held or played with atm and Silas gets so bored when I'm doing chores all day long. And even when I am doing chores all day, every day, they never seem 'Caught Up'! One day I would luv to slump into bed with a satified smile and say to myself 'All Done'! ................................ Well one can dream :)

This weekend I made the effort to go for a girls nite out :) My awesum man sent me out to buy myself something nice to wear, which boosted my spirits as I was going to wear my maternity jeans, cause nothing else fitted!! But not only did he watch the kiddies all nite long while I partied with my girls, he also let me sleep all day as I only crawled into bed at 8am :)

We then went out to sizzler for dinner :) Oops that reminds me I still have sizzler cheese toast in my bag!! Oh Dear!! Still smells good :) Dogs will love their midnite treat :)

The kid were very well behaved, Silas was a little silly towards the end but thats what 3 yrs olds do :) But the most exciting thing of all??? Kadee our beautiful little bubba slept in the pram the WHOLE TIME we were there!!! BLISS!!! No trying to cut steak while holding a sooky bubba :)

We then went down to Queens Park @ Ipswich for the kids to have a play and let off some steam from being at home all day. It was lovely walking along with Mike, hand in hand, watching our children roam the park (We were the only ones there, which was fab as it is usually packed). It almost felt like a 'date' lol!!!! We watched the sunset and while were where there a 'flock/swarm/mob' of bats flew low ova head. Its almost musical the noises they make :)

A lovely amazing day to top off a fantastic weekend :)

I'm quiet looking forward to my next month of weekends as it is pretty much packed full of birthdays, hens nites and bucks nites :)

Off to watch a movie and snuggle with my man when he finally gets home from work, the joys of nite shifts!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Time to get my wings on! Thats right! The tooth fairy is coming to visit!!

Finally! That wriggly little so and so had come out! After weeks of 'wriggle it' mum and countless boxes of tissues to try and 'drag' it out, the tooth fell out without any help needed :) The story goes like this, "I was playing at school and just as the bell went to go back to class, it just kinda fell and I had to catch it in my hand. Didn't hurt one bit!!"

So the tooth was wrapped up in 3 tissues and stashed securely in her bag. When the kids got off the bus this arvo Aliya (5) decided to get the tooth out for a show and oops! it was lost in the grass! (Its a shame cause I like to keep their first teeth) Many tears where shed but in the end, we all know that the tooth fairy will still know that the glass of water on the window ledge is for putting in money for lost teeth!

So the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? Well I thought that $5 is a good rate, but then Livia chimes in to tell me that she only got $2 and that Aliya is just way to spoiled if she would get $5. Mind you this is coming from Miss Livia (9) who can't even remember where she put her socks that she has just put down 2 secs ago!!

So I figure $4 is going to be the magic number, sure the older kids will have a moan, but what can you do about inflation?

Ali is one of the last of her friends to loose a tooth, so there you go baby girl, another 'grown up' milestone passed. Love you lots my crazy girl!

My youngest darling daughter Kaydence

Now that Kaydence can roll ova this is what she likes to do best, sleep on her belly! She is my 5th child and 3rd daughter. I could not imagine life without her! Kaydence is 4 mths old here! She was born on the 15th October 2009 @ 3.27pm weighing in at 3190g, head circumference 35.5cm and length 51cm :) PERFECT!

She is adored by everyone, even by big brother Callum (10) who declared when we announced the pregnancy "Argh! Not another cry baby!!". Typical boys! lol! But when it comes down to it, Callum was the first one to come rushing in to the hospital room to snatch her from me for first cuddles!! We actually had to tell him to settle down and wait a moment for me to say hi to everyone as it had only been a few hours since my caesarean!! I think he likes the idea of having a sister who doesn't annoying him! lol!

Its sad to think that when Callum leaves home Kaydee will only be 8 or so and they won't be 'growing up' with each other as such. I can't believe that I have a 10 yr age gap between my eldest and youngest child! Mind boggling!

I'm not religious in any way and it had taken me a good many years to realise that children are a blessing, and that no one should ever forget that!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day to US

Happy Valentines Day to my partner in life and soon to be husband.

We've been together 11 yrs and will be tying the knot this spring :) Its been a long time coming but we have had other things pop up over the years, like having babies and buying a house that just seemed more important.

I can't wait to be able to use this blog as a diary of sorts for my wedding planning :) Simple and intimate is going to be the wedding for us, just ourselves and our children. I'll go into more details later :)

So while we have had our trials over the years, and we can still annoy the hell out of each other, our relationship gets better and better with time. We're both old souls who's destiny is entwined, we're just meant to be together, even though others feel that we shouldn't be.

I was a lucky girl this Valentines Day, huggie diamond earrings and a card, which was so lovingly picked, it read like this - Our love is something created from our own histories and feelings, unique to us, beautiful and one of a kind. I love you. What a perfect card.

We seem to have a tradition of having a family seafood feast on Valentines Day, the kids just love it :)

I love you honey bunny :) You are my everything and I am grateful for all we have created together, especially our beautiful children. You rock my world :) Mwah!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

50 Things to achieve this year :)

Inspired by a post I saw on 'someone's' blog (I can't seem to find the blog I was lurking on), I thought I would also create my own 50 Things I am going to achieve this year, instead of letting myself meander though the days existing and not fully appreciating this great life I have been blessed with.

1. Exercising at least 3 times a week. The more active I am the more energetic I feel.
2. Drink more water.
3. Lose 20kgs this year. I have already lost 3kgs so I have 17kgs to go. 60kgs is my goal but 65kgs and under is a good weight for me.
4. Get married in August/September. Finally after being together for 11 years its time to tie the knot.
5. Finishing renovating our house. Adding in a extra 2 bedrooms, building in underneath to add a extra living space, bathroom and laundry, complete with internal stairs. This has been a ambition for many years now and I would soooooo luv to have it done and dusted this year! PLEASE! (Perhaps I should list this as separate rooms to help fill my 50 quota!)

6.Be happier, smile more.
7. Be more involved with the children's school, 1 day a week to start with.
8. Have the children complete all their homework, every week (standard one would say but with 3 at school and 2 little ones to deal with as well as after school sports it becomes a necessity on this list!)
9. Ring my little brother more often, he is the only one living across the country and I know he gets terribly homesick for family while there and no one else makes much effort to call him.
10.Take more photos

11. Print out the photos I take and put in albums, we lost a hard drive this year that has all of Kaydence's baby photos on there, so its been a hard lesson to learn :(
12. Go camping. Some where new.
13. Take more care of myself. Getting my hair done regularly instead of once every 6-12mths.
14. Take a pottery class.
15. Learn to ride a horse.

16. Have more patience.
17. Kick start my veggie garden again so I am able to actually make meals from it.
18. Take the boys to a Bronco's game.
19. Go to the races all dolled up.
20. Make fun cakes for all the kids parties.

21. Drinking cups of tea on swing set before everyone wakes in the morning, to enjoy the fresh morning air.
22. Take Silas and Kadee to the park at least once a week.
23. Finish my course of electrolysis, finally :) No stopping and starting this time.
24. Get my mum to go to the doctor to get her arthritis under control.
24. Laugh more.
25. Go to the library, read more without the expense of buying the books.

26. Pay off credit card debt. Would luv to pay them all off but will try to at least get one paid off.
27. Enrol Callum and Livia in high school. I want to send them to the local private school as i feel that they will have the opportunity that I never had.
28. Give more cuddles.
29. Live in the moment.
30. Don't sweat the small stuff.

31. Start date nights again. Perhaps we won't be able to fit in a night every week but more often then not will be nice.
32. Have the Odyssey fixed up, bumper bars replaced and a good service done on her.
33. Pat the animals more.
35. Finish the colour on my tattoo.

36. Get more organised.
37. Spring clean every month.
38. Bake every week with the kids.
39. Do craft activities with the kids every week
40. Family day out at least once a month.

41. Use the boat more for fishing.
42. Practice my new signature.
43. Conceive our final addition to our family after the wedding and hopefully by the end of the year.
44. Be frugal.
45. Watch less T.V.

46. Get more sleep.
47. Be more beautiful, inside and out.
48. Connect with everyone one special around me so that they all know how much I luv them.
49. Have everyone visit the dentist this year.
50. Remember to revisit and renew my motivation to achieve everything on this list :)

It will be interesting to see how my views are changed and shaped through out the year based on the things that I achieve. Its a good start, but obtainable? We'll I guess that's another excuse to keep my blog up to date :)

Friday, February 12, 2010


So. I'm a really lame blogger. Great at reading other blogs, kinda great at trying to find blogs of interest to read, but put those words on screen and actually record the mundane moments of my life?? Lame! lol!

Its in this moment that I decide I should make a effort, mind you, I have been sick for the last 3 days and I still feel like hell, and the house is messy and dinner needs to be started before little Kaydee wakes up, oh and I've boiled the kettle at least 3 times already with the intention of having a nice cup of tea to ease the throbbing in my temples!

Finally :) Tea :) Panadole washed down with tea :) That should keep me going for the next few hours before I finally manage to get the tribe to bed.

Before I can even finish this post, I've managed to loan can tomatoes to the neighbours, feed the baby a bottle, make Silas some corn thins with Vegemite :) and take a sip of my now lukewarm tea....

See how amazing my life can be lol! I've just noticed that there is a draft auto thingie happening, very awesum for someone like me who has to keep jumping up all the time to tend to the family :)