Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not enough sauce??

Well well..............

I think this picture sums up the afternoon I had! 4pm appointment at the doctors with 6 kids in tow, dropping Callum and his mate Troy off at football training, dragging the girls and Silas away from the park at the football grounds with Aliya chucking a tantrum (even though I had warned her not to repeat last weeks performance!)

Followed by a evening of Aliya having more meltdowns when sent to her room for said tantrum, baby crying while making dinner, Livia chucking a tantrum cause Silas was play rough with her, Silas and Aliya fighting in the bath with lots of tears, then finally Silas deciding that he needed to have sauce on his dinner, a whole bottle of sauce!!!

ARGH!! It's times like this that I wish that Mike didn't work nite shift! Having a extra pair of hands in the evening would be wonderful!

But tomorrow is another day, and if I remember to breathe deep, hopefully it will be awesum :) It surely can't get any worse then today?? lol??


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