Monday, February 22, 2010

Wonderful Weekend :)

I really should make a effort to be busy with fun things on the weekends instead of trying to catch up with the never ending chores!

But is such a mission to try to get things done with the little ones needing attention, Kadee is not content unless she is being held or played with atm and Silas gets so bored when I'm doing chores all day long. And even when I am doing chores all day, every day, they never seem 'Caught Up'! One day I would luv to slump into bed with a satified smile and say to myself 'All Done'! ................................ Well one can dream :)

This weekend I made the effort to go for a girls nite out :) My awesum man sent me out to buy myself something nice to wear, which boosted my spirits as I was going to wear my maternity jeans, cause nothing else fitted!! But not only did he watch the kiddies all nite long while I partied with my girls, he also let me sleep all day as I only crawled into bed at 8am :)

We then went out to sizzler for dinner :) Oops that reminds me I still have sizzler cheese toast in my bag!! Oh Dear!! Still smells good :) Dogs will love their midnite treat :)

The kid were very well behaved, Silas was a little silly towards the end but thats what 3 yrs olds do :) But the most exciting thing of all??? Kadee our beautiful little bubba slept in the pram the WHOLE TIME we were there!!! BLISS!!! No trying to cut steak while holding a sooky bubba :)

We then went down to Queens Park @ Ipswich for the kids to have a play and let off some steam from being at home all day. It was lovely walking along with Mike, hand in hand, watching our children roam the park (We were the only ones there, which was fab as it is usually packed). It almost felt like a 'date' lol!!!! We watched the sunset and while were where there a 'flock/swarm/mob' of bats flew low ova head. Its almost musical the noises they make :)

A lovely amazing day to top off a fantastic weekend :)

I'm quiet looking forward to my next month of weekends as it is pretty much packed full of birthdays, hens nites and bucks nites :)

Off to watch a movie and snuggle with my man when he finally gets home from work, the joys of nite shifts!