Monday, February 15, 2010

My youngest darling daughter Kaydence

Now that Kaydence can roll ova this is what she likes to do best, sleep on her belly! She is my 5th child and 3rd daughter. I could not imagine life without her! Kaydence is 4 mths old here! She was born on the 15th October 2009 @ 3.27pm weighing in at 3190g, head circumference 35.5cm and length 51cm :) PERFECT!

She is adored by everyone, even by big brother Callum (10) who declared when we announced the pregnancy "Argh! Not another cry baby!!". Typical boys! lol! But when it comes down to it, Callum was the first one to come rushing in to the hospital room to snatch her from me for first cuddles!! We actually had to tell him to settle down and wait a moment for me to say hi to everyone as it had only been a few hours since my caesarean!! I think he likes the idea of having a sister who doesn't annoying him! lol!

Its sad to think that when Callum leaves home Kaydee will only be 8 or so and they won't be 'growing up' with each other as such. I can't believe that I have a 10 yr age gap between my eldest and youngest child! Mind boggling!

I'm not religious in any way and it had taken me a good many years to realise that children are a blessing, and that no one should ever forget that!


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