Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day to US

Happy Valentines Day to my partner in life and soon to be husband.

We've been together 11 yrs and will be tying the knot this spring :) Its been a long time coming but we have had other things pop up over the years, like having babies and buying a house that just seemed more important.

I can't wait to be able to use this blog as a diary of sorts for my wedding planning :) Simple and intimate is going to be the wedding for us, just ourselves and our children. I'll go into more details later :)

So while we have had our trials over the years, and we can still annoy the hell out of each other, our relationship gets better and better with time. We're both old souls who's destiny is entwined, we're just meant to be together, even though others feel that we shouldn't be.

I was a lucky girl this Valentines Day, huggie diamond earrings and a card, which was so lovingly picked, it read like this - Our love is something created from our own histories and feelings, unique to us, beautiful and one of a kind. I love you. What a perfect card.

We seem to have a tradition of having a family seafood feast on Valentines Day, the kids just love it :)

I love you honey bunny :) You are my everything and I am grateful for all we have created together, especially our beautiful children. You rock my world :) Mwah!


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