Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fresh Picked Flowers :)

Mike was sweet enough to pick these flowers for me from the road side yesterday :)

Advantage over store bought flowers? FREE :) ;p

Disadvantage? Ummm the creatures that came free with road side flowers!!

ps I don't mind spiders, caterpillars and beatles but not inside!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Not Enough Butter?

For some reason my little kids all seem to have a fetish for butter. This started with Aliya (now 7) then Silas (now 5) and now Kaydence has taken over the role of butter stealer!!

Often I would find the kids behind the couch or table or curtain even, dipping their paws into the butter!!!

Don't ask me why, because I didn't even like butter til I was around my early 20's, and even now only like a light spread on my bread!

SO there you have it :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

When there is a sign, that you can't ignore...

Like when your sister in law, Hi Taren!, gives you some yummy recipes to try, like impossible pie and chocolate cake in a mug, but you only get around to making the pie, thinking meh, that chocolate cake sounds average...............

Then you happen to see same chocolate cake in a mug on the page and think hummmmmmmmm maybe I might try it!!

And try it I did and it was fantastic! I do have a confession though, I'm a night eater! Bad I know, and when I cut out night eating I quickly loose a few kgs, but while pregnant, I throw caution to the wind and eat eat eat!

I've tried to analize my night eating and the only thing I can come up with it that I GET TO EAT ALONE - not alone as in scoffing my face ashamed that I'm eating sort of way, but alone as in no toddlers to poke at my food, sit there saying 'arrrrrrrr' til they get a mouth full, and no chew chew spit back onto my plate!! Yes my children are feral and will spit back on my plate if they decided they don't like that mouth full even if they have already consumed half my plate!

So anyway back to the chocolate cake I ATE ALL BY MYSELF.........

Well I can sum it up by, you use one mug, one measuring spoon, and a serving spoon, cook 3mins in microwave and yummo! all ready to eat :) Easy to clean up the evidence afterwards, no kids spying the empty bowls smeared with chocolate in the morning, and complaining about the unfairness of the world!! as in they didn't get any!! Totally unfair that Mumma was able to eat it ALL! mmmwwwahhhhhhhaaaaa!

ps I even had left overs!! Totally unheard off!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

My not so good sleeper Braith.....

Braith is such a light sleeper that the littlest noise can wake him up, so when I actually needed to wake him to collect the kids from school, I took the chance to take some pics of him 'actually sleeping' just to prove to myself in years to come that he did 'actually sleep'!

I don't know how he managed to stay asleep in that position! Bet he had pins and needles all over him after that nap!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Its starting to feel like Christmas!

I love love love Christmas! I love Christmas decorations, Christmas songs, Christmas houses all decked out with lights, wrapping presents, decorating trees (we'll have 2 this year) and of course Christmas food!!

This year I decided to get our family Christmas stockings! There was a lady selling some really cute ones at Si's kindy and thought for a grand price of $4.00 each that they would be perfect!!

And yes I bought all the same, there was only a choice of 2 colours and to save the drama I bought all the same :) and yes I did think ahead, buying one for the baby to be and the baby that might be :) Crazy, yes I am sure some think I am! lol!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dress Up Day at Kindy

Si had his 1st ever dress up day. The kids were all very excited and even got to walk the catwalk to show off their special outfits!

Silas had the choice of many costumes, but ended up picking a favourite that was bought for Callum when he was about 4. Through the years it has been pick over and over again as the clear winner when it come to dress ups! Even the girls pick it for dress up days!

Silas with the teachers aid aka Sponge Bob or Sponge Bum as he used to call him :)

Silas with his best mate Josh. Silas often talks about Josh like hes a imaginary friend. Like 'Josh went fishing and said it was fun', or "Josh says we should do this or that', very cute and a bit weird! lol

Even some parents were brave enough to dress up, I love dressing up but don't fit into my little red riding hood costume atm lol! His teacher made a very nice bumble bee!

Braith wasn't too keen on Silas roaring like a crocodile, even though I kept telling Silas that crocs don't roar! lol! And Kadee who didn't want to dress up was a bit shy because a Dad who was dressed as a clown kept saying hello to her! :)

I just had to include this cute pic of 'Fang' our newest nickname for Braith due to his side teeth coming in before his front teeth!

Only a few more weeks then the year will be over!! Seriously how fast has the time flown!! :(

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby #7 - 14 weeks :)

pregnancy calendar


14 weeks :) and apart from getting my feet kicked out under me but this flu for the last week, everything has been going well :)

Just the usual weight gain, but not too much in the way of aches and pains (yet). I'll be getting my scan soon so it will be nice to see the baby again, and I've gotten my hospital referral letter back for my initial appt, at 6.45pm!! What the?? At least Mike will be home to watch the kids for this appt as at the initial one they like to really go through the birth history, I think it took a good hr last time I had a initial appt!! (and I even took in my baby books as I wasn't sure if my memory would keep up with them all!) lol!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Xmas Trees :)

My sister in law is already putting up her xmas tree!! Not even mid November!! lol!! I totally love her enthusiasm for xmas as I love xmas too!!

She has even gone out and bought a brand new tree this year :) I just wanted to share with her my beautiful tree from last year

This was the 1st year that I have ever had a child constantly 'attack' my tree!! Yes that would be baby number 5 Kaydence!! I'm hoping that this years tree will be 'left alone' or I will be investing in a playpen! Yes for the tree!! lol!!

The flu is here!!

I tried beating it with super green juices - blueberries, spinach, orange juice and banana. Looks delish here....

Until you blend it! But it still tastes nice!!

Then a lovely friend Melissa braved the possibility of getting the flu herself and made (and deliverd) 'sick soup', a suck in your cheeks kinda experience that I thought would fling the flu right out of me!! And while it made me feel great (hey my throat stopped hurting for awhile afterwards and I had energy to sort the kids out) I still stayed sick. I ate the whole pot! It actually was my kinda soup, will have to get the reciepe!

And I felt very spoilt and loved when Melissa alsomade a quiche for the family's dinner!! I know you may come across this post Melissa and I want you to know that I really appreciate your kindness!! oxox I can't wait to return the favour! (flu free that is!)

So its now been 5 days of flu (and we don't often get laid up this long with the flu) with Myself and Mike, Braith, Kaydence getting a good dose of it (Mike is better already lucky bugger!) and the bigger kids seem to be getting a touch of it. I now have a sinus thing happening, runny nose watering eyes, stuffy head! U name it seems I will have it! Fingers crossed it passes soon and we don't get sick again for a long long while!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

New addition to the family :)

Introducing Miss Red :) She used to belong to my sister and brother in law (Mikes sister) who are moving a few hours drive away and were unable to take her to their new place. She came complete with her own tank and all the bits and pieces to keep her happy.

She is a Red Devil or also known as a Central American Cichid and is best keep a solo fish due to their aggressive nature (though she does have a companion catfish who lives in the castle, and doesn't seem to venture out!). Miss Red is about 5 yrs old and around 22cms long.

She seems very smart and love to check people out when they approach the tank. You can almost see the personality in her eyes. Mike just loves having her and it has stirred up memories of when his father kept fish when he was growing up. He has been itching to keep a big fish tank for years.

Callum went with his mates to catch yabbies to put in the tank, which we thought Red might eat but so far they seem to be off the menu. Tomorrow we'll get her some feeder fish to enjoy.

So yes we have yet another mouth to feed and clean up after! lol! or rather I should say it will be me cleaning up after yet another pet! lol! At least this one doesn't poop and wee on the floor!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A friends hens party :)

Last night I was lucky enough to share a evening of celebration with a dear friend and some new friends :)

We enjoyed a kidfree dinner out (where nearly all of us ordered the seafood platter) and then hung around having drinks (I indulged in soft drinks and water) and karaoke singing like diva's until the grand finale of the night which was a male revue performance!

Can you believe they had a Frankenstein dancer! and its not Halloween anymore!

A photo of me with the bridezilla :) jokes she's been really good, not worthy of a bridezilla title!

There was a bit of a commotion outside and the police were called, so we couldn't resist posing the hen beside the car! The night was not so exciting that we would actually need a 'ride' in one! lol!