Friday, November 11, 2011

Xmas Trees :)

My sister in law is already putting up her xmas tree!! Not even mid November!! lol!! I totally love her enthusiasm for xmas as I love xmas too!!

She has even gone out and bought a brand new tree this year :) I just wanted to share with her my beautiful tree from last year

This was the 1st year that I have ever had a child constantly 'attack' my tree!! Yes that would be baby number 5 Kaydence!! I'm hoping that this years tree will be 'left alone' or I will be investing in a playpen! Yes for the tree!! lol!!


  1. Our neighbours put up the outdoor Christmas lights a few days ago. Now I'm feeling the pressure to get ready for Christmas.

  2. We just finished our tree today, its Xmas pagent day here today and its the day we put it up when i was a kid. We went through a long period where the tree was up too high to reach by littlies, then our littles went through a "jump in the tree" phase so we started to get real trees(she never jumped in those!) Now we are back to a real tree and she is back to playing in the bottom branches....between her and the kitten its going to be a year of redoing the bottom of the tree! A playpen might just do the trick for you!