Sunday, November 27, 2011

When there is a sign, that you can't ignore...

Like when your sister in law, Hi Taren!, gives you some yummy recipes to try, like impossible pie and chocolate cake in a mug, but you only get around to making the pie, thinking meh, that chocolate cake sounds average...............

Then you happen to see same chocolate cake in a mug on the page and think hummmmmmmmm maybe I might try it!!

And try it I did and it was fantastic! I do have a confession though, I'm a night eater! Bad I know, and when I cut out night eating I quickly loose a few kgs, but while pregnant, I throw caution to the wind and eat eat eat!

I've tried to analize my night eating and the only thing I can come up with it that I GET TO EAT ALONE - not alone as in scoffing my face ashamed that I'm eating sort of way, but alone as in no toddlers to poke at my food, sit there saying 'arrrrrrrr' til they get a mouth full, and no chew chew spit back onto my plate!! Yes my children are feral and will spit back on my plate if they decided they don't like that mouth full even if they have already consumed half my plate!

So anyway back to the chocolate cake I ATE ALL BY MYSELF.........

Well I can sum it up by, you use one mug, one measuring spoon, and a serving spoon, cook 3mins in microwave and yummo! all ready to eat :) Easy to clean up the evidence afterwards, no kids spying the empty bowls smeared with chocolate in the morning, and complaining about the unfairness of the world!! as in they didn't get any!! Totally unfair that Mumma was able to eat it ALL! mmmwwwahhhhhhhaaaaa!

ps I even had left overs!! Totally unheard off!!!


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