Saturday, July 31, 2010

11 wks

I was packing away all my baby girl clothes and sorting what might suit a little boy........I 'feel it in my bones' that another girl is on her way, but Mike is sure there is a little boy on his way.........and with the little girls clothes packed away in one place, it doesn't hurt to have some little boys stuff organised :)

11 wks this week so perhaps another 6 wks til we find out what we are having......or perhaps we won't.......or perhaps we will.........well we always have in the past........will we or won't we.........

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family time @ Australia Zoo :)

On Saturday we took the kids to Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast :) They were having a promo for Bindi's 12th birthday where all kids were free entry, a saving of $134.

We also gave Callum for his birthday a Red Panda Experience which we used on the same day. He has been obsessed with this little creatures for months and months :)He had the best time!!! I can not recommend the experience more!!! Very hands on and involved!!! It was fantastic!! They place a towel over your lap and give you food to encourage them to climb up! Callum was giving the pandas a good old pat and I was even allowed into the exhibit with him so I sneaked a pat as well!! We were given 2 professional photos and since I was allowed in managed to get some awesum pics of my own to remember the day with!!

We had a awesum day!! The kids were fantastic!! Really well behaved. It makes a difference with Silas being out of the terrible stage of running off!!

We expected to see a few large families when we went but we didn't really spot any........It seem like 2 or 3 kids were the norm, I know that there was a few people staring at us when we sat to have lunch, 5 kids and me being pregnant draw just has much interest as the elephant show! hehehehehe

Friday, July 16, 2010

So glad Kadee is finally feeling better :)

Its been a few days of happy little baby time :) Kadee is back to her fun, energetic self and I'm so relieved :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

my poor itty baby!

Kadee is sick sick sick atm. Diarrhoea, vomiting, high temps and of all things conjunctivitis. And we think she is cutting her top teeth!!

She has had hardly any sleep = no sleep for me!!! Its now 1am and she is still not asleep even after only having about 3 hrs today, if that!!!

I'm so very tired and things are not getting done around the house. Its a shambles from renovating as it is!!

Here's hoping little miss goes to the land of zzzzzzzzzzzz's soon!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Life is busy atm, almost overwhelming..............

Renovations are on the go again. I took the kids to Gladstone to visit family for a week while Mike took 'holidays' to rip up the floor and put in a internal staircase. Lots of work is involved and he barely got it up to 'safe for babies' for when we came back. Still not finished but Mike has done so much its amazing! Hes back at work now so it will be slow goings from here on in.

of course we are funding the renovations ourselves, so that with the cost of going to Gladstone and the regular bills and expenses that our large family has is causing financial aghast :( But I try not to stress about it and look at the big picture, we've had harder times then these and we've managed to pull through :) Take it week by week and go from there.......

Oh and just to add to our financial over commitments?? We bought a 12 seater hiace :) Our poor Odyssey just wasn't big enough and needed some work done on her, so we just went and got what we needed. I thought the kids would be 'awe shame! Mum is driving a bus' but no they luv luv luv it! And the space is amazing of course and it drives like a little car!!! I'm still a bit nervous about parking due to the length, but that will come in time :)

And the best news of all??? Good news in a post about being overwhelmed?? Well we're expecting again :) We are about 7 wks along and are due in February 2011. Yes we planned this little one :) Being pregnant atm is not adding to our overwhelmed feeling, atm lol!!

And that is my catch up post for the moment, reno photos to follow :)