Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Art - Inspired by James Rizzi

The kids had great fun recreating pop art by James Rizzi today. I have to confess that I would never have come across this artist's work myself, I'm just not an arty crafty sort of gal. (Though I'm in the process of learning a lot more about art)

Livia participates in an art class run by a homeschooling network, and was introduced to pop art in her latest lesson.

It looked so fun I decided to also do this activity at home with the family. Every one from Silas (5) to Callum (12) participated and really enjoyed it, I even decided to join in with this one :) I was well impressed with the level of operation between the kids and of course praised them, to which their reply was "We're being good because we're learning something fun!" lol!!

Firstly we drew our designs with pastels and then used water colours to paint.

And here are their finished pieces of work!

Created by Silas

Created by Livia

Created by Aliya

Created by Callum


  1. They are awesome, what a fun idea. Only problem is you haven't shown us your attempt lol. Well done kids!!

  2. lol! I was wondering if anyone would notice mine was missing - but if you look carefully at the group pic mine is on the right hand side at the bottom :) Cheers Sue

  3. Inspirational! A new idea for us:)

  4. Left an award for you on my blog. :)

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