Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Break Through - Presented by the letter A

As I had previously mentioned Silas was experiencing frustration when it came to writing the letter 'a' in his name.

Another homeschooling Mum suggested I do some tactile stuff to encourage him to give it a go while being able to easily rub out the mistakes :)

So outside we went with trays of flour and the fun began :) Check out that smile, I never see that smile when he came to writing 'a'!! Success at last! Silas was at first doing the usual 'I can't do it' til I showed him how to mess the flour back up and start again :)

Even Kaydence gave it a go and in usual 2 yr old form, had to eat her words lol!! Yuck! But she really enjoyed eating that flour!

Even big kid Aliya wanted to join in :)