Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to my 3rd Born Son Braith!!


Can you believe that Braith is the big 1 already?!? Seems like just the other day I was preparing for his birth!

Being a Mumma of 6 kids (plus my stepson who came into my life at 2) you would think that I had babies all worked out! But no Braith was my not-so-easy-not-gonna-sleep-for-noone sort of baby that taught me that my patience has no boundaries!

He was sick at 6 wks with RSV and hospitalised for a week over the Easter school holidays, and when he was weaned we eventually discovered the poor little mite was allergic to dairy products. I even tested him today with some yoghurt and he has had a sick, upset tummy all day! Sorry little man!

He has never been a baby to sleep through the night, been a persistent crier but always happy little chappy when held, rocked and walked about!

He is our little dinosaur in the making. Braith loves to give big hugs and finish off with a big munch, usually on the shoulder or arm! And boy does it hurt!! OUCH!

Apart from all that drama, he is such a good little guy and the cutest baby around (even Callum said so!) lol!!

He loves rough play with his big brothers, will tolerate his sisters dressing him up and brushing his hair into a mohawk. He loves to 'talk' on the phone, give big smoochie kisses and has just started to master the art of walking by himself (he now walks more then crawling).

I love my littlest guy to bits and wish that time would slow down just a bit so that I can enjoy his babyhood just a little bit longer!!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday little man!!! What a little cutie you are!
    My eldest boy sounds very similar with the sleeping etc when he was a baby, used to wear me right out at times but he was always so beautiful you couldn't stay grumpy with him for long lol.

  2. Just discovered your blog and I'm really enjoying it. I'm pregnant with my 6th baby I'm a blogger and also homeschool too!!