Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby #7 - 28 weeks :)

pregnancy calendar

pregnancy calendar

Here I was thinking that this pregnancy is dragging along and find out that its been 8 wks since I did my last pregnancy post! 8 wks has gone by fast and in a boring sort of way, there is nothing too exciting to report! But when it comes to pregnancy, boring is good!!

So how have things been? Well good considering this is my 7th pregnancy and 3rd in a row, but I have to admit that this time around I'm really feeling physically tired! I am rocking the heavy, big belly, duck waddle pregnancy style!

In an effort to try to pick up my energy levels a bit, I'm starting up juicing and adding wheat grass power to my juice! Inspired by a few others out there, some pregnant, some not who are also trying juicing and green smoothies to improve their overall health and energy levels!

This week I have my glucose test and at my last appointment everything seemed well with bubs, great heart rate and measuring to dates.

I've started to move Braiths clothes out of the change table (where I keep the newest baby's clothes) in preparation for setting up for this bubba! I've been so busy that I've not thought too much about organising for this baby, but luckily I still have 12 wks to go, and most of the newborn baby stuff is on hand.

We also pretty much have a name picked for this little man, I love love love the name, Mike is still not 100% in love with it, doesn't hate it, but can't come up with something else he really loves either. I suggested that he should start using the name a bit and see how it fits then.....

Its soooooo hard picking a name! Especially as its our 4th (Mike's 5th) boy!! lol! and boys names are hard enough to pick as it is!


  1. Hey, how far along are you now? Trying to find dates on your post?? anyhow I remember you writing this before Christmas and meant to say Congrats:)