Friday, April 27, 2012

Homeschool Statistics

I found this on another inspiring homeschooling blog - just what I needed as we get back into 'school' on Monday. Sure its based on US statistics but it gives good insight for the future.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baby #7 - 36 weeks!


pregnancy due date

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going now! lol! Truly its felt like I've been pregnant for ever, having had my last 3 babies 'in a row'. its only been the last week, since another friend had her precious little man that I've felt as though I'm nearing the end!

And I can't wait! This pregnancy has not been kind to me, I've been especially tired and sore, which doesn't make a fun or happy Mumma! :( But I shouldn't bemoan an otherwise healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy!

We've picked a name, packed the bags, so everything seems so final now!

Now my thoughts are about the birth. This will be my 5th caesarean, and while I've not had complications before, I still feel anxiety about having surgery, the pain that goes with it and the inability to just do everyday things for weeks afterwards gets me a bit down :(

But it is what it is and the results are worth it :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What we're reading atm....

I found out about this treasure from flicking through blogs, totally need inspiring atm.

After watching Game of Thrones Season 1, I thought I would do a google and see if it was based on a book,and I'm now up to book 4! I managed to get them on the kindle app and I'm thinking of 'saving' book 5 to read in hospital! (Not a kid friendly read though!)

Darkness Be My Friend finally arrived in the mail, and I love it that Livia dumped the computer to get stuck in reading.

Aliya is currently reading A Waltz for Matilda, 479 pages!! (both Livia and I read this book), we couldn't put it down!

And both the girls and I will be reading this series soon :) have to see what all that hype is about!

Now if only I can get Callum to catch the reading bug!! Hopefully its not too late for Silas to get hooked on reading!

So I fibbed a little .........

But not intentionally!

The month of March just kinda slipped through my fingers, in a haze of homeschooling, chores, sleepless nights and pregnancy.

I would often sit at the computer and ponder on what I could blog about but everyday has felt a bit mundane, a bit boring, and if I bore myself, why would I want to bore others? lol!

I have to admit that this pregnancy has slowed me down, and with just over 3 wks to go, I can't wait to finally meet this little one and get on with getting myself healed and back into shape! Bags to be packed this weekend, baby clothes getting their wash and everything organised just so.

Homeschooling is on hiatus atm, its Easter holidays and big brother Jaidon is here (school holidays) and it feels 'cruel' to be making the kids do school work while their brother is 'holidaying'.

Household projects are on the go again, plastering, painting and even sorting out the eyesore of the 'side of the house' where things go to 'take the trip to the dump', getting lost in the over grown weeds, is being done this weekend!! Weeds pulled, and a truckload of cement dirt to be laid, so glad I'm so far along in this pregnancy and won't be able to help!! lol!!

Boring see? Very very boring! lol!! I hope everyone has a great Easter, and I'm sure, like 12% sure that April will be a big blogging month for me! lol!!