Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baby #7 - 36 weeks!


pregnancy due date

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going now! lol! Truly its felt like I've been pregnant for ever, having had my last 3 babies 'in a row'. its only been the last week, since another friend had her precious little man that I've felt as though I'm nearing the end!

And I can't wait! This pregnancy has not been kind to me, I've been especially tired and sore, which doesn't make a fun or happy Mumma! :( But I shouldn't bemoan an otherwise healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy!

We've picked a name, packed the bags, so everything seems so final now!

Now my thoughts are about the birth. This will be my 5th caesarean, and while I've not had complications before, I still feel anxiety about having surgery, the pain that goes with it and the inability to just do everyday things for weeks afterwards gets me a bit down :(

But it is what it is and the results are worth it :)


  1. Good luck with your comming birth. C sections are hard, they do leave you in a bit of bother for a while, but yes they are worth it in the end:) It is good to read of mums who have had more then two c sections too, it gives hope to those who have had to have a c section in the past.

  2. I will be keeping you and baby in my prayers Sue. I hope the C-section goes well.