Monday, January 13, 2014


So because I'm not busy enough - jokes - I've decided to sign up with a personal trainer who does fitness classes and also sign up with his 6 wk fitness challenge!!

I don't see myself as a fat person, sure things don't fit like they should and those size 12's haven't been fitting, well, since 3 babies ago, but I'm still a really active person :) Heck I would even call myself sporty :)

But that all 'I'll look as good as I want cause I've had 7 kids" attitude came to a screeching halt when I was asked to be a bridesmaid for my friends wedding and we took pics to compare dresses. Well what an eyeopener that was!!

BUT the real shocker was when we were asked to send a before photo to the trainer. OMG!(I'm not brave enough to share yet).

Yeah, totally understand why before photos get taken. I really enjoyed living in my bubble where I didn't mind how I looked as I had never had time to sit down and examine fatty bits that are generally covered! No wonder I could mindlessly eat and eat when I don't see the damage it causes my body!! And that's just what I can see on the outside! 

So today I weighed in and did the fitness test...........

Weight: 76.3kg
Waist: 109cm
Squats: 38
Push Ups:15

Every week I follow the meal plan, go to at least 3 training sessions and loose some weight :) And that's how its done :)


I really really hate the fact that I let myself get like this and that I have to spend sooooo much of my time sorting myself out! But once I do I'll be a much better everything :) I'm looking forward to having the energy I should have for my age.

And while this dinner wasn't technically in my meal plan it was still a winner-winner-chicken-dinner :) 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Yikes! It's a Tick!

While brushing Kaydee's hair I saw a dot and knew straight away that it was a tick, they are disgusting little creatures! So out came the tweezers and Callum nominated himself chief tick remover. (His expertise with tick removal goes way back to his Scout camp in June when he had to remove ticks from his fellow Scouting buddies backside lol). Hopefully we won't have too many more tick episodes, especially if we have some  cooler weather.