Monday, March 29, 2010

Aliya's First Awards Ceremony

Aliya attended her first ever Awards Ceremony today :) She received a 2nd place in Number Facts which is a awesum effort :)

This is the schools way of encouraging the students to try their best :) Each term a new academic area is selected so that all children have a chance at being rewarded based on their strengths, Mathematics. Literacy, Sports and Arts.

Also students are able to be selected by their peers as a Peace Maker. This is a student that follows the school code on good behaviour in the classroom and during lunch times.

Livia also received a First place in Number Facts but was unable to attend because she cut her foot badly on a piece of metal while playing on the bush swing :(

I'm so proud of my girls! They are awesum! oxoxoxo

Chinese Herbs

The herbs I was prescribed to bring me up to optimal health :) Yummy! They are boiled down in pots with water to reveal a sludge that should be consumed warm before eating :) Usually 12 days are required. Lets just say I have a really awesum gag reflex these days :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

#1 - Exercising More

Well after not exercising for about a month due to having the flu, then everyone else having the flu, then hurting my right foot, I got stuck back into my jogging today.

It was great! My fitness level hasn't dropped to much and I maintained a steady jog/fast walk for 45mins! I had to drag the dogs along a bit, but hey the extra weight adds to calorie burning right? lol!!

Then through out the day, my foot starts to hurt, and now its fully throbbing and causing heaps of pain. Its starting in the bottom of my foot near the top and shooting out to the side in my arch of the foot. Awful! and the worst its ever been!

No fair!! I'm hopping it will settle down and be ok for tomorrow, I'm even limping!

I need to lose at least 10 kgs by the wedding in October! Fingers crossed it won't cause too much down time!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Planning for Easter Holidays :)

In just under 2 weeks school will be breaking for Easter holidays :) Yeah! Sleep ins and no rushing in the mornings to get lunches ready and kids out the door to catch the bus on time!! Brunches and wearing jam jams till all hours of the afternoon!!!

And the bonus is that Mike will be off for the whole school holidays too!!! Yippee!!

I have a few family things planned, camping for 2 days at Lake Dyer (its been years since we last went camping, Easter when Si Si was 4 mths old!), and going to the beach as Si always asks if we can go, and perhaps South Bank as well :)

Other then that lots of lazing around, enjoying the down time :)

Instead of giving eggs this year, we will be making all our own treats, which I think will develop into a nice family tradition :) (The eggs never get all eaten any ways)

So far we will be making chocolate crackle eggs, pulled taffy, honeycomb, bunny marshmallows and perhaps some others that we find on google :)

Everyone is very excited about creating our own goodies and we'll get started on Good Friday (we don't go to church so it will be a nice way to spend the day).

I'm just glad that I'm a SAHM and can plan all these fun things to do with my family :) That's what being a mum is all about :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I luv you! oxoxox

I just wanted to quickly say how much I love my family :)

My family is my life and without them I would be nothing, its taken me nearly 12 years to come to realise that my family should always come first.

My happiness will never be based on how successful I am with my career, how many co-workers or clients I can please or even by how many friends I have. Taking on endless community activities also won't bring me the joy that my family gives me - Unconditionally.

And the older I become the more I realise it is the little things that brings that special spark of joy to my heart. Don't sweat the small stuff or even the medium stuff, it doesn't make things better or bring you closer to being happy.

I'm making a conscious effort to show those around me that I love them and I hope that in return I will be blessed with endless amounts of happiness :)

Because in the end that's all that matters :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Daughters Livia and Aliya

I luv this photo! How fun are my girls :) They are both very smart and are performing above their year level in school.

Aliya (6) is the crazy one :) Always full of energy, silly, loud, outrageous, and oh so loveable. She loves a cuddle and a smooch! Ali is in grade 1B this year and luv, luv, luvs to learn! She is the teachers pet :) I'm hoping she applies herself to learning and continues to do the best she can! Ali luvs to sing, she is always singing, so much that we have to shush her all the time!! Ali is patiently waiting until grade 3 so she can join the choir :)

Livia (9) is always keen to help :) She luvs joking around and has some mean 'Yo mumma jokes'. Another teachers pet. Liv is in grade 5C this year. She luvs to learn new things and is constantly being rewarded at school for her hard work. This term at school she is learning the flute, sings in junior choir, plays flute in junior band, is Music Captain for junior choir, has been nominated for an academic award for the term 1 and was anomalously nominated for Young Star Awards through the Quest Newspapers (to the someone at the school who nominated her - Thank you!)

But being girls they clash something fierce! I always wanted to have a sister growing up (I have 2 younger brothers, Trevor and Jason), but now I thank my lucky stars I didn't lol!!!! I can only imagine how it will be in a few years time when Kaydence (5mths) can add her 2 cents worth! OMG!! and 3 teenage daughters! *shudders!! Mike always jokes he'll be out fishing with the boys all the time hehehehe!!

Luv u my darling daughters!!! Mwah!!! oxoxoxox

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oops forgot Wordless Wednesday - I guess cause it was so quiet lol!

Dad and Mum = Dum?? :)

Introducing Silas :) 3 years old already and just full of beans. Here he is holding a piece of foam with a portrait of himself on it that his Dad did for him. Silas was thrilled with it and cacked himself silly!!

Another silly thing he did today, was saying hello to Dum. As he was climbing onto our bed where we were chilling out this morning, Silas said hello to Dum, laughs then says oops Dad and Mum. Well didn't we just loose it! Best belly laugh we've had in awhile!!! I have to say that after raising 4 older kids already, we've never come across Dum!! lol!!

Si Si (as we luv to call him) was supposed to be my VBAC baby, but due to being 10 pounds and 12 1/2 ounces or 4890 grams, I ended up with another c/s. But boy did I try to push that little bugger out!!

He was 10 days overdue, I walked, ate chilli, drank caster oil, bonked, you name it, I tried it hehehehe!!!

After 20 hrs of labour, due to failure to progress, he finally come into this world :) My heaviest baby by far, born at 4.33pm on 19th of December 2006.

He has such a sweet nature and just wants to help as much as he can!! And he luvs to eat!! Such a little piggie, already raiding the fridge and cupboards! His favourite foods at the moment are anything sweet, like 'cakie' or 'cookies', grapes and nanas and vanilla yoghurt.

Si Si brings so much joy to my life and I couldn't imagine our family without him!! I luv so much my baby boy!! Mwah!! oxoxoxox

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eggplants from the veggie garden :)

A old picture but a goodie :) This is Aliya (5) proudly cooking up a batch of fresh home grown eggplants :) Mike and I are the only ones that eat them, but everyone is keen to water, pick them and cook them up :) This was December 2009.

The poor veggie garden is a bit worse for wear, I have just a few things growing atm. Parsley, shallots, chives, thyme, garlic, eggplants and some poor tomatoes which have been infested with grubs (make good treats for the chooks). Oh and I have a pumpkin vine under the back stairs. And considering our large family its meagre pickings and doesn't really do much to supplement our budget (which is one main reason to have the garden).

I really want to get motivated and back into in the next few weeks, but I need to do some research into what grows well in our area over winter :) I'm keen to plant some snow peas as they are so yummy just eaten freshly picked :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mini Filo Quiches

I just wanted to share this recipe as it is yummy, yummy, yummy! My friend Chrissy shared it with me, so thought I would pass it on :)

3 eggs
90ml of cream
Pastry (puff or filo)
And finely chopped bacon and veggies of your liking.

Beat egg and cream mixture. Line silicone cupcake holders with pastry cut to fit, pop in the filling then top up with the egg mixture. Cook for 15 mins in 180 degree oven. Enjoy :)

Very easy and if they all don't get eaten straight away I put them in school lunches :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Evil Tooth

Ouch! My tooth broke, while flossing, go figure!! And the only appointment I can get is for tomorrow :(

One of my biggest fears is having my teeth fall out :( Its a side tooth but if I was to come out you would see the gap when I smile or laugh! Hopefully they can fill it ok.........

*Update - my dentist managed to save the tooth - $306 later!! Ouch!! Don't know which hurt the most!! :( Perhaps if he had gold plated it I might feel better about the price! :)

Lets just say that flossing and brushing are my new religion!!

PS - and I still have to go back and get another filling!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Apollos Day Spa Annerley :)

Before Christmas Callum won a voucher (at a skate nite) for a spa treatment at a day spa in the city :) and as it was nearing its expiry date, I decided to book in :)

And what a awesum, relaxing morning I had!! They have a wet area where you can indulge in a sauna, hot spa and cold plunge pool. Nude is the preferred attire and while I've never been nude in front of strangers before, I will have to say it is the most liberating experience I've ever had! I figured that if I can have 5 babies and have various health professionals (male and female) see me in all sorts of undress then I can handle being nude at a ladies day spa!

The day include a salt scrub and and a 1hr massage! BLISS!!

And my darling Mike was at home watching the little ones while I pampered myself. I am very lucky to have such a understanding man :)

Time for bed, very tired and relaxed, hoping Kadee will sleep 2nite and not wake up heaps :)

#11 - Photos, photos and more photos :)

180 to be precise :) I'm on a quest to make sure we have memories as our hard drive crashed with many many precious photos on it, including baby photos of Kaydence :( Mike is still in the process of trying to save them, but now I'm not taking any chances :)

SO every month I'm printing off photos, and its affordable to do it these days :) It only cost me $27 at k-mart to print off 180 digital prints - BARGAIN :)

Now I just have to work out a storage system that makes it easy to look back on the photos.....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

#4 - Wedding Plans!

Thats right!! I've been a good girl this year and have worked through some of my 50 Things List :)

And what have I done, I hear you ask??

Well........................drum roll...................... I BOUGHT A WEDDING DRESS!!!!!!!!

I still don't have any other details booked in but I have the dress and its makes everything feel so 'real', which is a good thing considering I've been meaning to do this wedding for 12 yrs :) Its kinda like, well what a waste it would be to leave a dress in my cupboard.

I couldn't resist really, it was at a store I had looked at a few weeks ago. I went back today with my daughter and decided I really wanted to try on some different dresses to get a idea on what style might work, and the 2nd dress I tried on I fell in love with. I went away and that afternoon when back to try it on again and decided there and then that it was the one!! And for only $400 (reduced from $1100) it fitted in perfectly with our budget :)

Feels very strange only to have tried on 2 dresses and find 'the one'. I mean when you watch those 'wedding shows' on Lifestyle Channel those girls try on sooooooooo many dresses!!

But as I want a 'stress free' wedding, I would have to say that choosing the dress fits perfectly with my theme :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Minx and Bruno our Maremma Sheepdogs

I would like to introduce Minx and Bruno our awesum family guardians :) As you can see they are Maremma Sheepdogs and are not well known as family pets. This breed is usually kept as livestock guardians to protect flocks of animals from predators.

But thus far they have proven themselves as beautiful family dogs, I've not had a problem with them being aggressive to our other animals nor have I had a problem with them being aggressive with people. I did a lot of research before choosing this breed. Our beloved Nelson passed away a couple of years ago. He was a chocolate Kelpie and he was with up for 14 years. He was almost human and was so clever!!! I'll have to try to find a photo of him from the other hard drive. We wanted to get another Kelpie, but we knew we would always compare the new one to Nelson so we decided not to get another one.

The following info I have copied from

Maremma Sheepdog

Breed: Maremma
Temperament: Friendly with family, wary of strangers
Cost: $500-$2000
Lifespan: 10-14 years
Maintenance: Low
Recommended for: Flock protection

These large white dogs are bred to protect flocks, they are friendly to their family but aloof and wary of strangers.

Appearance: This is a large, strongly-built white dog weighing up to 45kg (100lb) and standing to 73cm (28"). It has a heavy double coat, thick neck ruff and a thickly-plumed tail held curled over its back.

Temperament: The Maremma is said to be aloof, independent and protective of its family and territory. The breed was developed to protect herds of sheep and most will bond quickly with the designated flock be it angoras, chickens or sheep and defend it against all-comers. Breeders report a high proportion of animals are sold for flock protection. They say potential owners buying the dogs as pets for city living should be aware of the dogs tendency to bark which might disturb neighbours.

Health: Large breed apparently without hereditary bone diseases; Temperament in early strains is "touchy". It is important to meet the parents before selecting a pup and to socialise the pup.

Uses: Maremmas are shepherd dogs which bond with their flock and protect it. Breeders say they are not herding dogs as the flock would need to be scared of the dog to achieve this function, which is not the case. They can be bonded to almost any vulnerable flock animal, sheep, angoras, chickens, and more recently, alpacas. One breeder reported foxes took up to 30% of new lambs before he introduced Maremmas to his flock. He has not lost a lamb to predators since.

Training: This is not a breed known for its submissive attitude to humans. Breeders say it is an independent thinker and will be aloof to most people. Basic leash training is recommended because the Maremma will need to be controlled or separated when the flock is mustered. Most breeders find their dog will bond easily with their human family. The dog's working career begins when the pup is penned with its flock until it is three months old, then it is allowed into the paddock with the flock.

Ideal owner: Generally this is a working dog used by farmers. Individual Maremmas sold as pets in highly urbanised situation have not always succeeded. As pets they need about 30 minutes exercise a day. Owners also report once off the leash Maremmas don't always return promptly. However, most working Maremmas are good family dogs.

Grooming: Even working Maremmas should be groomed occasionally to remove burrs and grass seeds which can irritate the skin if neglected. Bath when necessary.

Popularity: In the past decade Maremmas have jumped from just 10 registered with the Australian National Kennel Council in 1986 to 288 in 1996.

History: The Maremma is essentially an Italian sheepdog, and is named after the region where it was developed.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Big sister, little sister :)

I couldn't help but take a photo of this sweet moment when Livia was playing her DS with Kadee having a gander. Retreating to our king size bed to hang out amongst the cushions is a favourite with the kiddies :)

Its times like this that makes me want to add to my large family, I'm a very lucky mumma to have such beautiful children :)

Happy Birthday Aliya and Jaidon!!!

We have just celebrated Jaidon's 14th and Aliya's 6th Birthdays!! Jaidon is my stepson but love him just the same! His birthday was on saturday and we were lucky enough for him to travel down from Bundaberg to be with us to celebrate! We had a family bbq on Saturday arvo and then Mike took the kids skating to top off the day :) The boys ended up staying up til 3am and got up early to jump back on the computers (their latest addiction!). Troy (friend) and Luke (cousin) slept over and I managed to snap a photo of where they crashed to sleep :)

Aliya had a party with her friends from school and her cousin Jessie also came. Even though itr was just a party 'at home' everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! I still can't get my head around the fact that she is 6 years old already!! It seems like just yesterday that I was enduring the February heat waiting to pop lol! As it was I ended up with my first emergency caesarean, no popping to be had hahaha!

As you can see even Bruno enjoyed himself wanting to join in with the ring toss game :)