Monday, March 8, 2010

Apollos Day Spa Annerley :)

Before Christmas Callum won a voucher (at a skate nite) for a spa treatment at a day spa in the city :) and as it was nearing its expiry date, I decided to book in :)

And what a awesum, relaxing morning I had!! They have a wet area where you can indulge in a sauna, hot spa and cold plunge pool. Nude is the preferred attire and while I've never been nude in front of strangers before, I will have to say it is the most liberating experience I've ever had! I figured that if I can have 5 babies and have various health professionals (male and female) see me in all sorts of undress then I can handle being nude at a ladies day spa!

The day include a salt scrub and and a 1hr massage! BLISS!!

And my darling Mike was at home watching the little ones while I pampered myself. I am very lucky to have such a understanding man :)

Time for bed, very tired and relaxed, hoping Kadee will sleep 2nite and not wake up heaps :)


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