Monday, March 22, 2010

Planning for Easter Holidays :)

In just under 2 weeks school will be breaking for Easter holidays :) Yeah! Sleep ins and no rushing in the mornings to get lunches ready and kids out the door to catch the bus on time!! Brunches and wearing jam jams till all hours of the afternoon!!!

And the bonus is that Mike will be off for the whole school holidays too!!! Yippee!!

I have a few family things planned, camping for 2 days at Lake Dyer (its been years since we last went camping, Easter when Si Si was 4 mths old!), and going to the beach as Si always asks if we can go, and perhaps South Bank as well :)

Other then that lots of lazing around, enjoying the down time :)

Instead of giving eggs this year, we will be making all our own treats, which I think will develop into a nice family tradition :) (The eggs never get all eaten any ways)

So far we will be making chocolate crackle eggs, pulled taffy, honeycomb, bunny marshmallows and perhaps some others that we find on google :)

Everyone is very excited about creating our own goodies and we'll get started on Good Friday (we don't go to church so it will be a nice way to spend the day).

I'm just glad that I'm a SAHM and can plan all these fun things to do with my family :) That's what being a mum is all about :)


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