Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dad and Mum = Dum?? :)

Introducing Silas :) 3 years old already and just full of beans. Here he is holding a piece of foam with a portrait of himself on it that his Dad did for him. Silas was thrilled with it and cacked himself silly!!

Another silly thing he did today, was saying hello to Dum. As he was climbing onto our bed where we were chilling out this morning, Silas said hello to Dum, laughs then says oops Dad and Mum. Well didn't we just loose it! Best belly laugh we've had in awhile!!! I have to say that after raising 4 older kids already, we've never come across Dum!! lol!!

Si Si (as we luv to call him) was supposed to be my VBAC baby, but due to being 10 pounds and 12 1/2 ounces or 4890 grams, I ended up with another c/s. But boy did I try to push that little bugger out!!

He was 10 days overdue, I walked, ate chilli, drank caster oil, bonked, you name it, I tried it hehehehe!!!

After 20 hrs of labour, due to failure to progress, he finally come into this world :) My heaviest baby by far, born at 4.33pm on 19th of December 2006.

He has such a sweet nature and just wants to help as much as he can!! And he luvs to eat!! Such a little piggie, already raiding the fridge and cupboards! His favourite foods at the moment are anything sweet, like 'cakie' or 'cookies', grapes and nanas and vanilla yoghurt.

Si Si brings so much joy to my life and I couldn't imagine our family without him!! I luv so much my baby boy!! Mwah!! oxoxoxox


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