Saturday, March 20, 2010

I luv you! oxoxox

I just wanted to quickly say how much I love my family :)

My family is my life and without them I would be nothing, its taken me nearly 12 years to come to realise that my family should always come first.

My happiness will never be based on how successful I am with my career, how many co-workers or clients I can please or even by how many friends I have. Taking on endless community activities also won't bring me the joy that my family gives me - Unconditionally.

And the older I become the more I realise it is the little things that brings that special spark of joy to my heart. Don't sweat the small stuff or even the medium stuff, it doesn't make things better or bring you closer to being happy.

I'm making a conscious effort to show those around me that I love them and I hope that in return I will be blessed with endless amounts of happiness :)

Because in the end that's all that matters :)


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