Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bruno 10 mths old already...

Bruno has hit the puppy stage well and truly!! Chews all sorts of things like kids toys, Mike's tools such as liquid nail tubes and sanders, bits of wood but will leave shoes alone!! It was a chore to try and make him stay still for a photo and these ones were the best of the best lol!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Tattoo first session

So happy with the work Jason has done so far and I can't wait for him to finish :) But gees it hurt!! lol!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Tattoo

About 11 yrs ago I decided to get a tattoo of my favourite creature, a dragon. I am totally in love with dragons but I don't collect figurines or anything like that, the dragon I have on my back is devotion enough :) .

It was done by a friend of a friend and at the time he didn't get round to finishing the colour and I didn't see that person again.........

So for many years I've been searching for a person to finish the work, for a reasonable price............

Our friends (who just happen to be our neighbours) have been getting regular tattoo's off a friend, who has some mad work, so I have been waiting til he was free to do my tattoo. Chrissy also got herself a tattoo, her children's names on her lower leg, which she will get finished with stars. Its very pretty :)

SO I didn't even remember the pain from the last tattoo, that's how long it has been! But oh boy!! I must be getting soft in my old age, cause I don't ever remember it hurting this MUCH!! OUCHIE!!!!

And that was just my 1st session, there maybe 2 or more sessions to go!! I totally regret getting a big tattoo!! But in my defence I didn't realise how big it was when I got it done!! The guy did it freehand! lol!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

News to be revealed....

Lots of very exciting plans lay ahead............


Today I had a disagreement with my BF. Our first one. There was even tears. It made me realise how much our friendship means to me and that I take it too much for granted.

From today I need to make more effort in maintaining our friendship.

Friday, June 11, 2010

4 Bears in a Bed.......

So I have the flu, I really feel blah even though I went back to bed this morning for 3hrs (so lucky to have a man that understands how tiring it is to be getting up to a bubba at nite and then raising kids throughout the day!)

SO tonight was a easy dinner of take-out and a movie in our bed, trying to keep the kids from running amok. They were not keen on my idea of a 6pm bed time lol! They are watching Shrek while Kadee is playing with balloons in the lounge.

Going to have a nice cuppa tea and read some blogs. Still haven't worked out how to search for blogs of interest............

Sunday, June 6, 2010

OMG! Kadee just stood up by herself!

She was leaning on a cushion then stood up for awhile without falling ova!!

Too early!! Barely 8 mths out!!!

Stop growing up so fast my precious little girl!!

Cause boys will be boys

And they used up $15 worth of balloons having this fun!!

Offically TTCing :)

After going with the flow for the last few months, we have decided to up the game this month and officially 'try' some baby making :)

After having 5 kids, one would think that we would just have to wink at each other and in 9 mths we would be picking from our very own cabbage patch!!

If only!! I have PCOS, which a few doctors feel is a mild case, as I've already had 5 children. Well it takes me many many months to fall pregnant so perhaps it is more advanced then they realise.

SO this month we have charted and 'danced' on those all important fingers crossed this month is the month. But I hope that next month is the month, because if we fall pregnant then the baby's due date will be 27th February. So?? Well that is Jaidon's birthday and Aliya's birthday is on the 28th February. And school goes back late January so its a crazy, busy time of year!

ps I secretly have my fingers crossed for twins (well not so secret as I tell everyone how exciting it would be!) but just the thought of all the work 2 babies would bring is FREAKING Mike out lol!!

So next week I'll be testing, just cause I'm mega impatient :) and hopefully i won't be posting any of these on the day :(

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Budgeting and being Frugel

We are enforcing a tight budget as we are trying to renovate our house to payout credit cards and be as debt free as we can!

So I'm trying to save money in all areas :) Food, meals, clothing everything!

Our goal is to have the house renovated by Christmas and refinanced, then Mike will also be able to get a day job (which will be lower paying) as we miss him during the week as he is always away working when the kids get home from school and then he is sleeping in the mornings when they are up......and weekends he's tired from working nite shift all week........