Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Tattoo

About 11 yrs ago I decided to get a tattoo of my favourite creature, a dragon. I am totally in love with dragons but I don't collect figurines or anything like that, the dragon I have on my back is devotion enough :) .

It was done by a friend of a friend and at the time he didn't get round to finishing the colour and I didn't see that person again.........

So for many years I've been searching for a person to finish the work, for a reasonable price............

Our friends (who just happen to be our neighbours) have been getting regular tattoo's off a friend, who has some mad work, so I have been waiting til he was free to do my tattoo. Chrissy also got herself a tattoo, her children's names on her lower leg, which she will get finished with stars. Its very pretty :)

SO I didn't even remember the pain from the last tattoo, that's how long it has been! But oh boy!! I must be getting soft in my old age, cause I don't ever remember it hurting this MUCH!! OUCHIE!!!!

And that was just my 1st session, there maybe 2 or more sessions to go!! I totally regret getting a big tattoo!! But in my defence I didn't realise how big it was when I got it done!! The guy did it freehand! lol!


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