Sunday, June 6, 2010

Offically TTCing :)

After going with the flow for the last few months, we have decided to up the game this month and officially 'try' some baby making :)

After having 5 kids, one would think that we would just have to wink at each other and in 9 mths we would be picking from our very own cabbage patch!!

If only!! I have PCOS, which a few doctors feel is a mild case, as I've already had 5 children. Well it takes me many many months to fall pregnant so perhaps it is more advanced then they realise.

SO this month we have charted and 'danced' on those all important fingers crossed this month is the month. But I hope that next month is the month, because if we fall pregnant then the baby's due date will be 27th February. So?? Well that is Jaidon's birthday and Aliya's birthday is on the 28th February. And school goes back late January so its a crazy, busy time of year!

ps I secretly have my fingers crossed for twins (well not so secret as I tell everyone how exciting it would be!) but just the thought of all the work 2 babies would bring is FREAKING Mike out lol!!

So next week I'll be testing, just cause I'm mega impatient :) and hopefully i won't be posting any of these on the day :(


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