Monday, October 25, 2010

Anchor Points in the Hiace :)

Just trying to a picture up about the anchor points we have in the Hiace. Due to Qld law the floor anchor points are no longer legal, which is ok as it frees up the leg room so that we can pretty much position the car seats and kids anywhere :) Atm we only have 3 installed as only Silas, Kaydence and the new baby need to be in seats :) We got them done when we got the compliance done (converted from 14 seater to a 12 seater) so that I can drive it on a regular licence :)

I'll have to give my baby a wash then put some pictures up :) I can't wait to get the tinting done, pimp it up a little and to keep out the heat :)

I totally love my 'BUS' lol!!


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