Sunday, June 19, 2011

Its Offical, home schooling here we come!!

The official announcement as been made to family and friends!! We will be home schooling next year starting with Callum, who will be in year 8.

I have been 'toying' with the idea of home schooling since Callum started school, having been introduced to the concept via various natural parenting forums. I ended up going against our initial decision to home school due to a variety of reasons, lack of real life support (I still don't know anyone in real life who home school), lack of family support (which I hope will change over time) and just being generally unsure of how to get home schooling resources and support. Can you see the common theme? lol!!

I've started researching on the curriculum that we will be putting together, based on the KLA's and of course what Callum is most interested in. Tomorrow I will be requesting a registration kit from the Department of Education and Training, which I guess will be our first official step in our home schooling journey.

The other children wanted to start home schooling ASAP, but I'm concerned that perhaps home schooling 4 children, while still getting my head around it all might be a bit overwhelming and result in unhappiness for everyone.

The feed back I've from everyone has been quite what I expected.......

- how will the children make friends?
- are you crazy!?!
- what about getting a break from the kids?
- how can they learn at home?
- only naughty, expelled kids are home schooled
- you don't have the time to run the home, raise the children let alone school them
- how will they find there future boyfriends/girlfriends? (Callum's mates even declared that he will be a virgin for life! I didn't know kids went to school to lose their virginity! lol!! the minds of 12 yr old boys hey?)

But now that I'm older and more resilient (I don't assume to be wiser lol) all this is water off a ducks back!

I can't wait for 2012!


  1. First of all I want to say that I can't wait to see how it all goes.
    I am in South Australia and I too have toyed with the idea of home schooling ever since my 16 year old began kindergarten lol. Now that my youngest two are in years 3 and 5 I am still toying with it. My year 5 boy in particular is struggling with everything to do with school right down to making friends and I have had enough with the whole school system. Right now it is a very real possibility but like you the thought of doing it for all of them is a little scary.

    I look forward to watching your progress with it all. Please keep us updated as far as your curriculum etc goes!!


  2. Hi Colleen!

    Its nice to see others possibly starting home schooling later on with their kids :) Don't worry, I'll be updating our progress here as I would like to look back on this as a diary of sorts :)

    Take Care!

  3. Hey let me know how this goes, I've always been curious about home schooling, list the advantages etc so people know. You can maybe put an entry about how others can do it, your personal experience etc :)