Friday, June 17, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

Tonight I have 9 kids, the oldest 3, have friends sleeping over. Out of 9 kids I currently have 3 sleeping, 4 watching movies and 2 chatting away in bed. Its 10pm, yawn!

— 2 —
Tomorrow we have to be on the other side of town (40min drive) for Callum's Soccer Game. With 9 kids and I also have to pick up another mum and her son. So in the 'car' will be 12 of us. On a 40min car ride.
Need I say more?

— 3 —
The 1st pea and ham soup of the winter has been made and is simmering away on the stove. Delish!

— 4 —
I can hear the big boys laughing themselves silly at the movie they are watching, its amazing how everyone of them as a different laugh.

— 5 —
The sun is susposed to be shining this weekend, I can't wait to get out in the veggie patch and start preparing it for planting :)

— 6 —
Mini achievement for the night would be getting the kitchen cleaned while running around after the 9 kidlets.

— 7 —
Finally time to myself to catch up on some blogs with a cuppa tea, just in time for Braith and Kadee to wake up 1000 times throughout the night.

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