Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday Callum!!

My first born son is 12 years old!! 12 YEARS!!! It barely seems like yesterday that I was in labour! I have to say that I am very, very lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful, handsome and caring son!! This year for his birthday he still wanted toys :) Halo figurines, so we went on a mission to Toys r Us to pick some out. He also got some money to go and purchase his own from the local toy store. I guess its good that he still enjoys the simple things and not expensive gadgets most tweens like!

Every birthday, depending when it falls (school night or not) we have a special dinner at home and also a night out at their favourite place to eat. This year we had San Choy Bau for our at home dinner (which Livia gracefully modelled for me) and we went to as Callum has a thing for Mexican food :) Its great that my kids will pretty much eat any foods from any nationality!! And that they love to try new things :) And the kids love to request a fresh, home made cake over getting a store bought cake. The cake was straight out of the oven, frosted and candles shoved straight in!! You can even see the frosting melting over the side in one of the pics! The only thing is that the candles melted on the ends cause the cake was so hot!! Sure did give the cake that extra bit of texture!! lol!

We love you very much Callum and I hope you had a fantastic time for your birthday!!


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