Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small Success Thursday

Small Success Thursday Quote

I think it quite fitting that I start with a inspiring quote that reflects the moment, even if it doesn't seem to reflect anything related to my small successes :)

Realising that its Thursday again ALREADY! (think this will be my mantra for my SST lol!)
Still lots of sleepless nights, starting to catch up to me this week though....
More Mundane:
Not being as active as I usually am due to lack of sleep! I've only worked out 3 times the last week.....
Playing clapping games with my girls :) Its so fun just to hang with them and have a good giggle!
Braith kicking his legs with excitement when he sees his Daddy come home after a long day at work
Always a Treat:
Baking cupcakes late at night and getting to lick the beaters and bowl BY MYSELF lol!! ;)
Good News Even if it's Not Great News:
Turning 30 this week, YAY for birthdays not YAY for getting old! hehehehe!

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  1. Oh you spring chicken. Hubby and I are turning 45 this year. Now that is old. Happy birthday.

  2. lol @ Therese, Spring chicken I wish!

  3. Sounds like a pretty good week, even short on sleep. I hope your nights keep getting easier :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Here's hoping you get to have some more sleep you young young thing you!