Friday, July 1, 2011


This is my life.
(And that's not even half the medicines we've been using)

This winter has been a shocker for flu's, colds and various other virus's that have been getting around. I would have to guess that we've had it all! And normally we are very resistant to getting bugs. All the counter girls at the chemist know me by name, the pharmacist recognises my voice over the phone and I'm sure the doctor has a regular standing appointment ready for me daily!!

The kids have coughs, sneezes, streaming red eyes, gallons of snot, headaches and various fluctuating temperatures.

I've been running on barely any sleep for nearly a week due to the 3 littlest ones being unsettled and waking up constantly during the night. Braith won't even settle til nearly midnight! Coffee and energy drinks have been getting me through the days...

The only thing keeping me sane is knowing that this will pass, and everyone will be ok :)

Looking forward to Spring!


  1. Blah is right. Having two children on insulin for type one diabetes means that the chemist people all greet me by name too. Fortunately, we have only had a couple of flu's this winter. I still cannot wait for spring.