Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Mumma - Means Happy Family :)

The last week has been a bit blah to say the least. I've not been the Mumma that I want to be or that my family deserves. Its easy to have excuses to back it up, I'm tired, I'm renovating, the chores are piling up, I have 6 kids (at home), Kadee is teething and Braith is still not sleeping.

My patience has been thin, I have been quick to raise my voice and my manners have been deplorable. To put it frankly I've been a shit Mumma.

One thing that seems to pull me out of my funk is to spend some focus time on me. When I am taking a little care of myself it all seems to pull together again. I seem to be able to focus on my wellbeing for a little while before the daily grind of 'getting things done' seems to take over.

So I'm going to blog about focusing on 'me'. It maybe even more boring then my many posts about nothing but never the less, it will help me to focus and be present when it comes to 'me' :)

So here goes my first ever HAPPY MUMMA MONDAY - even if it seems like a little bit of nothing, as long as its about me then its worthy of a HAPPY MUMMA MONDAY MENTION.

This way I figure that I will be able to look back on my week and think to myself - better take care of numero uno to keep up the family harmony :)

*Last week I really didn't do much for me, but I did get a Sunday sleep-in = HAPPY MUMMA :)

Looking forward to lots of HAPPY MUMMA TIME to report for next week :)

I've never done a linky before but I thought this might be worthy :)

Take Care! oxoxox


  1. It's hard to find time to look after yourself when you're looking after so many others, and when you do take time for yourself it's so easy for the guilt to start nagging at the back of your mind. So I applaud you for making it a priority, and I hope it does you and your family a world of good.

  2. You might like Michelle's blog: She's got tons of great teaching ideas.

    I also tried to add a link to your linky. It looked like it was open for entries, but I didn't see the link show up.

  3. I think I've fixed it? This is my first linky, a bit confusing lol! Thanks for letting me know, and for the link and I look forward to catching up with your blog, Cheers Sue

  4. Thank you for your kind words Mum-me, I usually only like to put the 'best of myself' on my blog, but being 'fake' is not how I would write a diary anyways :) Cheers Sue

  5. would love to join in a happy mumma. Looking forward to your posting on Monday and joining in what makes me a happy mumma.