Monday, July 4, 2011

Home Schooling Planning

Now that I know for sure that I will be home schooling prep, year 3 and year 8 children, I'm a bit lost as to how I go about teaching the different year levels, tie in the 'themes' and cover all the subjects?

I know for sure that I will be building my own curriculum, I've checked out the example curriculum's some others have put up (thanks so much) and have downloaded the info from BSDE and Qld Education re the KLA's. So in essence I 'know' what needs to go on paper to submit to HEU. We will be learning MATH via a pre-made curriculum (not sure which one yet) as per their 'year level'.

But there is so much info out there!! Lots of curriculum on offer, styles to investigate, websites galore, topics of interest, so many many many MANY different things we'll be interested in learning about!!

I've been following some fantastic home schooling blogs, like largefamiliesonpurpose and sevenlittleaustralians and so many more!!

I've already met a few 'real life' home schooling Mums and I'm off to have a get together dinner tomorrow night with some more 'real life' home schooling Mums so I'm mega excited and can't wait to gain some insight on how to put my home schooling 'puzzle' together :)


  1. Real life home school families are going to be really beneficial to you. For me, they are more important than curriculum especially on the days you feel that home schooling was a big mistake.

  2. I couldn't agree with Therese more :-)

  3. Sue,
    Blessings to you on your journey! =) I love your enthusiasm for your children and for homeschooling! Your love for what you do will bring you great success. ~ Erika