Friday, July 15, 2011

Too busy to blog?!?

You betcha!!

This past week I've had the kids back at school and also back at their sports.
Babies have NOT been sleeping again, working on Braith's routine this week, this Mumma needs some sleep asap!!

Finally making headway into the clothes sorting :) Yay, will post a pic shortly :)

Today we're having a bake-a-ton, did I mention that the kids are home from school today? Sick 'cough, cough' ;)

Lots of chores to be caught up on due to being de motivated because of my lack of sleep :)

Lists are great for my motivation so here goes:

*Finish folding
*Clean Toilet
*Wash Linen
*Continue with clothes sorting
*Hang with the kids doing worksheets
*Bake Pigs in Blankets, Zucchini & Bacon Damper, Pumpkin Scones & some sort of yummy biscuit.
*Sort dinner (still don't know what we're having)

Always something to do, I can't remember the last time I was not busy, BUT I LOVE IT!


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