Monday, July 4, 2011

My Large Family Trivia

Its never really hit me that we are a 'Large Family' until I realised that we now go through 4.4kgs of Weet-Bix per WEEK! And to go along with that we are also drinking 4L of milk per DAY! 28L of milk per WEEK!!

'Large' seems to be my 'thing'. We have 2 'large' dogs, Maremma Sheep Dogs, I drive a 'large' car, well a 12 seater bus actually and we are renovating (slowly but surely) our small house to a 'large' house.

I run the dishwasher and washing machine at least 2x per day, fold 2 or so loads of washing each day. But you know what? I wouldn't change it! I ENJOY being busy, and I LOVE being the Mum of a 'Large Family'!!


  1. It may seem like alot to others but it just becomes the norm for us, doesn't it?:) I'm now up to 3-4 load of washing a day. I buy over 20 bags of rolled oats for the month. (we only shop once a month)

  2. It is amazing just how much little people can eat isn't it! With 6 kids, 5 being boys, I find the food budget seems to be growing as fast as they do. I have to admit that in itself is very scarey with the cost of living rising so fast too!

  3. Hi, found your blog from the FB 'large families unite' page. I have 6 children and we also go through that much weetbox and milk! Some weeks I feel like I spend more time at he supermarket than I do at home. But I love being the mum of a large family too, and so glad to 'meet' someone else who does as well (rather than all those other 'normal' people who think I'm insane.)