Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small Success Thursday

Thanks so much to Sherry from Chocolate for your brain for hosting Small Success each week, and to aussiecoffeeshop just because I discovered this over there :)

Small Success Quote:



Realising that some people will never change but I can change the way I react to them.
Breaking my fruit bowl that I've had for 12 yrs on a cold winters morning while up with Braith (4am actually! lol!)
More Mundane:
Breaking my favourite mug and then cutting myself on it, the day after I broke my fruit bowl!! Bubble wrap for everything I think! ;)
Eating Pizza flavoured chips? All by myself! Now I know why I night eat lol!! Naughty!
Braith pulling himself up onto his knees and elbows! Not long now til he is crawling!!
Always a Treat:
Having a 5 hr sleep? oh yes I'm a girl with simple needs hehehe!
Good News Even if it's Not Great News:
Finally got headway on my clothes storage! Its already cost me $80 for the boxes to have everything sealed to go into the outside sheds, but to replace all those clothes for future kids would cost alot more! Still lots to do though! argh!


  1. Sorry about your bowl and mug. I love my coffee cup so much, I could just about give it a funeral if it broke.

    I like crawling babies and I love walking babies. Joseph has only just started walking.

    Oh and if you are in Adelaide again, let me know and maybe we can get down there to meet you.