Thursday, June 23, 2011

Small Success Thursday

Small Success Thursday Quote

I think it quite fitting that I start with a inspiring quote that reflects the moment,even if it doesn't seem to reflect anything related to my small successes :)

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it :)

Realising that its Thursday again ALREADY! And when I reflect back on the week, I feel like its rushed on by without me doing anything! A lot of nothing really!!
Lots of sleepless nights due to Braith and Kaydence not sleeping well.
More Mundane:
Trying to get motivated in the mornings, the winter cold is making it a struggle to get everyone up and going!
Getting the kids report cards from school yesterday and seeing both the girls ACE their subjects, with lots of A's and some B's. And feeling really proud of Callum for getting a lot of C's, B's and even a few A's!! (last year we had mostly D's due to his 'lack of effort'). So proud of my 3 little smarty pants!!
Kadee sitting on my lap giving me big monkey cuddles and patting my back while I type :) Such a huggie little kid :)
Always a Treat:
Organising to have a impromptu lunch with a couple of my closest mates for my birthday next weekend :)
Good News Even if it's Not Great News:
Not sure this week......We have school holidays coming up, so perhaps good news for us not having to rush out in the mornings, not so great as I will have 7 kids at home to 'entertain' lol :)

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  1. First, I love your blog --the top quote about laundry and love cracked me up as I stare at a four person sectional covered beyond the top with stuff waiting my attention.

    Second, great week!

    Third, we have birthdays very close together, I'm July 3rd, so happy Birthday!

  2. Sounds like a good week, eother than the sleepless nights. I hope everyone is sleeping better soon!

  3. Thanks Kate! Hopefully this week will be fun because of the school holidays!

  4. SherryTex OMG! Its more then close! its the same day!! lol!!