Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Promise Night for Livia

This week Livia officially became a Girl Guide after taking the promise oath :) I was never a Girl Guide so will have to wait for the girls to recite the oath :)

Next week is Aliya's turn to take the oath and then it is break-up for both girls next week!! This year has just flown by!!

Lady Luck...

.......was not shining on me when baking the other night. I open the cupboard and on my right foot, out falls the icing sugar!!!

Then when putting away the icing sugar, on my left foot falls the brown sugar!! After laughing myself nearly to the point of wetting myself, I proceed to clean up the mess and put the task of reorganising the pantry on my to-do list! No point chucking a tanty over spilt sugar! lol!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seven Cherubs: Christmas tradition: best brownie recipes, value for money

Seven Cherubs: Christmas tradition: best brownie recipes, value for money

Oh dear!! I can feel a bake-a-ton happening!! Seriously my little chocoholics are going to be well impressed with this Mums effort!!

and DH who is King of chocoholics, will no doubt be hanging to sample this deliciousness!! and of course he will be thanking me for all my time that I spend reading fun blogs lol!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stair Renovations :)

I'm well impressed Mikes effort on the weekend with the renovations, we have most of the internal stairs in now!! Yay!!

Fingers crossed he will be able to get the rest in this week............

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Aliya :) 2 & 1/2 years old

Another Blast from the past......

I love this photo of Ali :) She looks like an angel :)

This picture was taken at Movie World, 21st May 2006 on the Merry Go Round. How time flys!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fluffy Mail Arrived already!! Yay!!

My very first MCN arrived today and I only ordered them on Monday!! They are so soft and the colours are delish!! The jade and ivory ones are for bubba boy and Kadee has the chocolate one. Can you believe that I've already gone through 5 bubba's without being sucked into getting some MCN's, I've used alot of terry towelling nappies with the older kids, and of course used alot of disposables, but this time round thought I would give MCN's a try :)

How cute is Kadee in her little chocolate bum!!??!!

Just because :)

I love trolling through my photos on a regular basis, and today I came across a couple of cuties enjoying my sock basket, at least someone is enjoying it............

Lists!!! Lists!!! Lists!!!

I have come to the realisation that I am very much a list girl!!

Lists for shopping, cleaning, organising, parties, camping, you name it!! I function so much more efficiently when I have my list, thoughts are down on paper for what I need to do with a particular task and when done, just seeing that task crossed out is a mini boost to my day :)

Especially when there is kidlets following me around, undoing all the things I achieve throughout the day.

I think my list obsession is a by product of my days as a case manager/job search trainer, where I would have to remember and fit so much into my days that if I didn't run a list of everything from client appointments to staff meetings and everything in-between, I would have lost my mind!!!

I've tried to do away with the lists, and just get on with things without using lists but gees, being a SAHM, running a list of 'do to' just seems to add a little bit of purpose to my day.....I guess a bit like being in a 'paid' job would......

But my blog is boring enough as it is, filling it full of my 'to do' lists is going to be a major no no lol!! But from time to time, list making might just be the most exciting thing I'll have to blog about! lol!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

26 weeks baby #6

So already I'm 26 weeks pregnant!! 13 wks til my c/s date!!

I'm starting to really 'feel' pregnant this time around too, not as nimble on my feet as I was during my last pregnancy with Kaydence! and I've gained weight alot quicker this time as well.

I went to my midwives appointment earlier in the week, and was pushed to get myself up to the hospital for my glucose test as I haven't been feeling 100%.

So off I go, after fasting all night and not eating anything in the morning, to go and get the test done. 1st they take a sample of blood, then make u drink this horrible glucose drink, then after 1 hr take another blood test, then finally after 2 hrs another blood test.

I was able to ring up that afternoon and get the results. If your level comes in at 7.9mmol/L or above, you are considered to have gestational diabetes. My level was 7.7mmol/L. Normal I was told!!

Gosh! I'm so not repeating the test at 28 wks like it was suggested by the doctor!! Instead I'm going to be hyper vigilant when it comes to my diet, not eating simple sugars nor white bread, pasta and so on. I'm also starting a health kick with doing some light walking and weights every night after dinner.

Not very exciting I know, but I much prefer boring then exciting when it comes to pregnancy! lol!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RIP Angel :(

This was supposed to be a intro post on Angel but tragically, she was found dead this afternoon, by the kids as they were returning home from school.......

Monday, November 8, 2010

Introducing Tonka :)

He looks like a rough old ally cat but Tonka is actually a Ragdoll, who has been in the family since Callum was in preschool, so he's 7 years old.

He's very placid with the kids and loves his food!! Last time I weighed him he was 8 kgs!!! Tonka the tiger!! A really beautiful family cat!!

Sisi Baby :)

A oldie but a goodie of Silas when he was a bubba :) He went through a stage where he didn't fall asleep unless lying on his side with something in his face!

Can't believe he is nearly 4!!!!!!!

Kadee .....

My youngest ratbag has been getting into mischief as per usual......

Yesterday she decided to get herself wedged in between the lounge and the window! and as I was wondering what mischief she may get into today, I turn to see Kadee grabbing SiSi's full cup of tea off the table and spill it all over herself and the dinning room floor!! Argh!! Did I mention it was FULL????? (Oh and we never drink hot tea in our house, everyone prefers it luke warm, just like mine! lol!! By the time I get round to drinking my tea, its always cold!)

Oh well guess doing the floors will be on my list today! ...............

And please Kadee, lets stick to less messy mess, just like the 1 million hair-ties u spilt all over the floor the other day! Much easier to clean up!

yes more food :)

Just another sample of the foods we enjoy on lazy weekends :) Even the kids enjoy the variety of 'adult' foods on the platter :)


Livia's halloween dressup :)

This was the outfit we put together at the last min for Liv's Girl Guides halloween party last week...........

Can u guess who she is?................

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lazy Weekend??

I wish!!

But I am going to aim for a lazy Sunday by doing a whole lot of stuff today, which should equal a whole lot of nothing for tomorrow!!

So far I have achieved.........

Fruit, veg and meat shopping and packed it all away
Dropped off Liv for Guides Camp
Cleaned fridge

Still to do................

Dishes from last nite
Washing 2 loads and 1 load of linen
Hang, take in and fold washing
Tidy rooms
Clean Loo
Mow Lawns
Get food ready for BBQ dinner and bonfire tonite
Clean up from dinner

then CHILLAX with a good movie :)

and hopefully enjoy a boring Sunday!! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just a little something to help with those tired days....

I'm so very tired today!! and from reading Facey it seems I wasn't the only mum having a long, sleepless nite with their kiddies.....

Kadee decided that the early hours of the morning were the best time to not sleep and wake the whole house up!! So being very very tired today with 2 little ones, I know I will need some reminding on not being a cranky, no fun mum!!

I took a picture of this embroidery at the Mater Children's Hospital, when Silas was admitted with ITP......which needs a whole post for itself to explain was hanging in the children's cancer ward.............simple, quirky, touching and just what I need to get me through the day :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Taking the little kids to the lake :)

My brother (Uncle JJ) and I decided to take the little kids, Kaydence and Silas to the lake today to feed the ducks and the fish. We walked around the lake (maybe 2ks) with Kadee in her smart trike and Silas 'riding' his bike (he actually shuffled most of the way around, didn't want to use the peddles today). We saw turtle, eels, ducks, water birds and some sort of fresh water fish, maybe barra or carp, they were pretty fast. Silas loved watching the 'gumpies' eat the bread, or guppies for us big people.

Tired the kids out and Kadee ended up falling asleep on the way home...........and I got some much needed exercise :)