Sunday, November 14, 2010

26 weeks baby #6

So already I'm 26 weeks pregnant!! 13 wks til my c/s date!!

I'm starting to really 'feel' pregnant this time around too, not as nimble on my feet as I was during my last pregnancy with Kaydence! and I've gained weight alot quicker this time as well.

I went to my midwives appointment earlier in the week, and was pushed to get myself up to the hospital for my glucose test as I haven't been feeling 100%.

So off I go, after fasting all night and not eating anything in the morning, to go and get the test done. 1st they take a sample of blood, then make u drink this horrible glucose drink, then after 1 hr take another blood test, then finally after 2 hrs another blood test.

I was able to ring up that afternoon and get the results. If your level comes in at 7.9mmol/L or above, you are considered to have gestational diabetes. My level was 7.7mmol/L. Normal I was told!!

Gosh! I'm so not repeating the test at 28 wks like it was suggested by the doctor!! Instead I'm going to be hyper vigilant when it comes to my diet, not eating simple sugars nor white bread, pasta and so on. I'm also starting a health kick with doing some light walking and weights every night after dinner.

Not very exciting I know, but I much prefer boring then exciting when it comes to pregnancy! lol!!


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