Friday, November 19, 2010

Lists!!! Lists!!! Lists!!!

I have come to the realisation that I am very much a list girl!!

Lists for shopping, cleaning, organising, parties, camping, you name it!! I function so much more efficiently when I have my list, thoughts are down on paper for what I need to do with a particular task and when done, just seeing that task crossed out is a mini boost to my day :)

Especially when there is kidlets following me around, undoing all the things I achieve throughout the day.

I think my list obsession is a by product of my days as a case manager/job search trainer, where I would have to remember and fit so much into my days that if I didn't run a list of everything from client appointments to staff meetings and everything in-between, I would have lost my mind!!!

I've tried to do away with the lists, and just get on with things without using lists but gees, being a SAHM, running a list of 'do to' just seems to add a little bit of purpose to my day.....I guess a bit like being in a 'paid' job would......

But my blog is boring enough as it is, filling it full of my 'to do' lists is going to be a major no no lol!! But from time to time, list making might just be the most exciting thing I'll have to blog about! lol!!


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