Friday, July 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —
Its nearly the end of the school holidays! Where did the weeks go? Everyone here is getting a bit down as big brother Jaidon is going back to his Mums, and we won't get to see him again til September holidays. But with Face Book and unlimited long distance calls we chat to him on a nearly daily basis.

— 2 —
Impromptu holiday with Rob and Kristina, another 'crazy' large family who also drives a Hiace:) We catch up for park plays (not as regularly as we should!) and they have invited us to say overnight at their place on the sunshine coast :) Beach here we come!! With 4 adults and 13 kids, I'm guessing we're in for a interesting holiday. (Yep a night away with all the kids is a holiday lol!)

— 3 —
Nearly under 70kgs, hoping with a bit of sleep I'll be able to maintain my exercise and good eating and get into the 60's :)

— 4 —
SO many people have/are getting over the flu atm!! Can't wait for winter to end and everyone can start enjoying good health again!

— 5 —
Hoping to have a day of organising the hand me down clothing! Its all mixed atm in different sizes. Still in the works! I have a amazing amount of clothes to sort! Gees is really the 3rd week I've been on this project??? ARGH!

— 6 —
Sipping my cup of tea, wearing my dressing gown that I got for mothers day, in preparation for some mumma time reading blogs :) (This might have to be my standard #6)

— 7 —
Hoping to do lots of school snack baking on Monday in preparation for school next week! Term 3 here we come! Only 2 terms to go before our home schooling journey starts!

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  1. Nice to hear someone else is going through the hand-me-down sorting-out drama and not just me!! My second youngest is now bigger than the 3rd youngest, which makes the hand-me-downs a little bit more challenging as I can't just swap piles of clothes from one wardrobe to the next anymore, but have to think about it a bit more! Good lucl getting yours done!!

  2. I get the clothes thing, totally grateful but drowning sometimes. Enjoy time with Jaidon:)