Saturday, July 23, 2011

Op Shop Finds

Inspired by my newly found buddy, I stopped into a Op Shop that was nestled amongst some run down shops. As I hit the brakes to quickly pull a park my brother JJ, exclaimed 'Why?! It looks dodgy as!!' to which I replied 'That's where all the best stuff is!! No one thinks to look at these sorts of places!'.

So it didn't have much stuff atm, but I managed to find a few little some things that made my day...

A wooden tray, a couple of baskets (I'm basket mad! or a basket case perhaps! hehehe) a vase, a ceramic shell soap holder thingie and a filing cabinet, all up for the grand total price of $23. They just need a little elbow grease and they'll be good as new!

I really shouldn't have bought them as its a tight week, but it did sort out my retail therapy!

And of course they threw in some free, mismatched McDonald toys for Silas and Kaydence, which was very sweet, but they did end up at the Op shop for a reason! lol!!


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