Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eggplants from the veggie garden :)

A old picture but a goodie :) This is Aliya (5) proudly cooking up a batch of fresh home grown eggplants :) Mike and I are the only ones that eat them, but everyone is keen to water, pick them and cook them up :) This was December 2009.

The poor veggie garden is a bit worse for wear, I have just a few things growing atm. Parsley, shallots, chives, thyme, garlic, eggplants and some poor tomatoes which have been infested with grubs (make good treats for the chooks). Oh and I have a pumpkin vine under the back stairs. And considering our large family its meagre pickings and doesn't really do much to supplement our budget (which is one main reason to have the garden).

I really want to get motivated and back into in the next few weeks, but I need to do some research into what grows well in our area over winter :) I'm keen to plant some snow peas as they are so yummy just eaten freshly picked :)


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