Thursday, April 5, 2012

What we're reading atm....

I found out about this treasure from flicking through blogs, totally need inspiring atm.

After watching Game of Thrones Season 1, I thought I would do a google and see if it was based on a book,and I'm now up to book 4! I managed to get them on the kindle app and I'm thinking of 'saving' book 5 to read in hospital! (Not a kid friendly read though!)

Darkness Be My Friend finally arrived in the mail, and I love it that Livia dumped the computer to get stuck in reading.

Aliya is currently reading A Waltz for Matilda, 479 pages!! (both Livia and I read this book), we couldn't put it down!

And both the girls and I will be reading this series soon :) have to see what all that hype is about!

Now if only I can get Callum to catch the reading bug!! Hopefully its not too late for Silas to get hooked on reading!


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