Sunday, February 19, 2012

4th Week of Home Schooling

As we are about to enter into our 5th week homeschooling, I realised that I've not done up a post on the 3rd week and almost didn't get around to the 4th week.

It has felt like we've not 'done' a lot 'of school work this last few weeks. I have been quiet busy with hospital and doctors appointments for Silas, Aliya and myself.

As a collective we managed to do the basics each day, maths, english and a bit of history work with a start on some lapbooks, but not a lot of anything else. We generally try to finish up our school work by 1ish, but with all these morning appts chucked into the week, I've found it hard to get our rhythm going.

Silas is still being defiant when it comes to learning, I think its just a general 'testing how far he can push things' boy attitude. Since hes in 'prep' I'm thinking of just relaxing abit with him and go for a more natural learning approach.

Callum seems to be of the opinion that he needs to be 'nagged' to learn anything! He still has this 'school suxz' attitude and won't venture to even attempt any learning unless scheduled or pushed. I've had a sit down with him to explain that homeschooling isn't all about nagging to get things done and that he can direct his own learning based on his interest as well as doing 'what needs to be done'. I'm hoping that this pep talk has an effect on him this week.....

Both Livia and Aliya are still on track with their learning (which I'm thankful for, if all 4 of the kids were being difficult about learning, it would totally do my head in!)

I'm not sure how it will go this week, we're out of the house all day on Monday with the homeschooling classes, and then Silas is having dental surgery and I'll be with him all day on Tuesday, while Mike is home with the rest of the kids. Hopefully Silas won't need all my attention on Wednesday so I'll be able to help the big kids get back in the swing of things.....

Improvements to aim for during the week

1. Work on routine
2. Encourage and foster some sort of love of learning in Callum
3. Perhaps add a rewards system, for the girls especially and perhaps as extra encouragement for the boys to participate to their potential :)


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